Pantheon Work offers consulting services, coaching and training aimed at facilitating growth in the digital age.

Featured Workshops


Workshops that allow you to create High-Performance Teams for specific projects (or spinoffs) or to evolve existing teams through training-action and reorganization decisions.


Workshops aimed at accompanying the growth of startups and SMEs to scale operations without losing communication, agility in decision making and innovation capacity.


Workshops for knowledge management to improve processes and internal communication, generating reputation, and developing professional careers for all.


Workshops that go through a complete cycle of strategic planning and an action plan, aimed at reinforcing business models based on internal and external collaboration.

How we accompany our customers

1 Transparent methodology and criteria: our way of working is open and can be adopted by any organization. We facilitate the obtaining of results without generating dependence with our services.

2 Action and concrete results: projects (of any size) are our field of work to advise, diagnose, train, coach, etc.. Our work is embedded in value generation processes for the organization, whether these processes are already underway or created from scratch.

3 Emotions and perceptions: we keep in mind the socio-dynamic situation of the organization and people, and we incorporate in our solutions the tensions inherent to every human organization, to help channel them into the generation of satisfactory results.


We use agile methodologies and help organizations to adopt them so they can be more efficient and innovative. Also, we complement agility with other tools of creativity and group communication to achieve agreements that benefit all parties and allow progress in the achievement of objectives to the satisfaction of all involved.


We support and advise organizations to think strategy in its two principal axes (time and environment) and in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) contexts. To this end, we propose consolidated horizons for reflection and action that benefit from this type of environment, both in terms of internal organization and adaptation (fitness) to the market and society.


Unlike in the last century, maximizing the value of a single stakeholder seriously jeopardizes a company's competitiveness and is not socially acceptable. We introduce an ecosystem perspective that assures value to all the key actors that guarantee the success of the organization.


The information age is changing; the new center of gravity is reputation. In ambiguous and uncertain environments such as today's, reputation and trust are the necessary conditions to exchange value in an enriching way. The ability to manage an online reputation crisis is even more valuable than the ability to make content go viral.